Tuesday, April 16, 2013




I have started on a new project: a two-wheel, self-balancing electric skateboard. This project is largely inspired by our recent success at an electric vehicle with Melonkart, coupled with a desire for my own personal vehicle that I can ride around. I am basing this current iteration of Segboard on an Instructable written by XenonJohn. I designed the frame and mechanical systems myself, and am planning on using his code to control the board until I have a better feel for it and can try writing my own. This project is also in dire need of a better name that Segboard (suggestions?).

I am using two 8 in pneumatic tires from that have are belt driven. I also am using two MY1016 DC brushed motors from them as well for propelling the skateboard. The controls are implemented through an arduino pro, taking readings from a 5-axis analog IMU from Sparkfun Electronics and outputting signals to a Sabertooth Motor Controller.


  1. Hello, I'm building a selfbalancing skateboard. I really like the way you assembled your wheels and motors. Do you think you could tell me how you ordered this bars to hold the wheels and maybe if you could share some more details?? Thank you very much!

  2. Hie, I am stuck in coding for self balancing skateboard was hoping you could help me out by sharing the code my mail ID is
    will be waiting for code

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