Tuesday, April 16, 2013




I have started on a new project: a two-wheel, self-balancing electric skateboard. This project is largely inspired by our recent success at an electric vehicle with Melonkart, coupled with a desire for my own personal vehicle that I can ride around. I am basing this current iteration of Segboard on an Instructable written by XenonJohn. I designed the frame and mechanical systems myself, and am planning on using his code to control the board until I have a better feel for it and can try writing my own. This project is also in dire need of a better name that Segboard (suggestions?).

I am using two 8 in pneumatic tires from that have are belt driven. I also am using two MY1016 DC brushed motors from them as well for propelling the skateboard. The controls are implemented through an arduino pro, taking readings from a 5-axis analog IMU from Sparkfun Electronics and outputting signals to a Sabertooth Motor Controller.