Friday, April 20, 2012

Adventures in Woodworking and Swapfest

...or playing with scrap wood. This weekend in was the marathon weekend in Boston which meant it was 4 days of freedom from MIT. We ended up taking MelonKart to  SwapFest, an electronics based flea market sponsored by MITERS
There was a ton of cool stuff there. I want to go back in May with a clear plan of a project in mind (...maybe a Tesla coil?) and hunt with a clear purpose so I don't buy everything! Melonkart got lots of attention, especially when Jackie blew a 40 amp fuse trying to go off road in it. We probably should set a max current draw limit in the Kelley to prevent further abuse to the A123 batteries. I also undertook 2 miniature projects: an air conditioner mount for the GRT on my floor and a prototype of  a floating bottle rack.

My mass > Air Conditioner mass

 The Mount rest on a little ledge beneath the window and the actual AC unit goes where I am.

MAGIC!...or moments = 0

 I want to work out all the kinks and maybe mass-produce them as gifts when they are really stable. The bottle is filled with water, of course!

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